Ad Wars

I am a rabid online video consumer. I love them, I watch them, I make them. The greatest thing about online videos is that, unlike television, the creators have all the time they need to explain their point and they are, more importantly, a relatively inexpensive way to react quickly to the opposition.


I’m not sure the Obama administration has figured out yet that between our continual victories on twitter and our exploding video production capabilities, they aren’t the only game in town anymore. Back in 2008, most tech savvy people found the McCain campaign to be woefully inadequate online. This doesn’t appear to the be the case this election cycle with Romney’s camp & conservative SuperPACs pushing new content almost daily.

It is also making for an interesting back and forth between competing narratives. Take for instance this ad from American Crossroads about Obama’s broken promises.

[youtube] NT8xAlxKV-w[/youtube]

Seems cut and dry. Obama made promises. Obama didn’t keep those promises. Obama is a guy that doesn’t keep promises. But the Obama camp responds with their own video saying that American Crossroads is funded by “secret donors” to spread lies with an evil $25 million ad campaign. They of course ignore the “secret donors” of SuperPACs on the left supporting Obama, the billions that labor unions pour into elections and the fact that American Crossroads $25 million ad blitz was merely matching what the Obama camp was spending.


Here’s their response:


Deliciously, American Crossroads used a similar format to respond to the response.


Ultimately, the hubris of the left (who have always owned the realm of visual media) could be their undoing as it appears we conservatives have finally gotten our crap together and are standing firm in what used to be the left’s playground.

The shroud of the left has fallen. Begun, the ad wars have.


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