Governor Rick Perry & Rep. Mick Mulvaney Join the Inaugural Broadcast of 'The Ben Howe Show'

If you haven’t been keeping up, I’ve been neck deep in a contest to get my own radio show on one of the largest radio stations in the southeast, WBT out of Charlotte, NC. You can see the stages of the contest here, here, & here. After much spamming of twitter and the gracious web real estate of, the first day of my new show has finally arrived.


Well…sort of. Actually believe it or not, the contest isn’t over. The final stage of the contest was to have a committee choose the ultimate winner of the contest after the votes had been cast to determine the last two contestants. In order to remedy this, they decided to give me and the other finalist, Bobby DeMuro, a chance to show our stuff this month. We are each getting two shows in the month of January.

Bobby’s first one was last week, mine is tonight.

And what a show it will be! I’ll have none other than Governor Rick Perry on my show to discuss his campaign in South Carolina. We recorded it this morning and there were some minor connection issues, but I urge you to listen in.

Joining me live around 6:15 will be South Carolina superstar Congressman Mick Mulvaney to discuss our Social Security crisis and his endorsement of Governor Perry.


I’ll also be discussing Solyndra, throwing money in holes, myths about the tax code, Climate Gate 2 and much more.

If you’re on twitter and want to shout out to me, use the hashtag #TBHS. If you want to call in, just dial 704.570.1110!

Listen to the show online here from 6-9 pm EST tonight.


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