HELP: I've Made it to Round 2, Now Vote to Get Me to Round 3!

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If you were reading RedState a few weeks ago, you may have seen a post by Neil asking for help expanding the RedState Radio Empire by voting for me in a contest at my local AM flagship station WBT in Charlotte, NC.


Put simply, the contest will put someone on the air on Sunday nights from 6-8pm and then, following that 3 month period, may be given a full contract to be a permanent host at the station.

When the word went out from RedState to start voting for me, my ‘likes’ went through the roof and I quickly moved into 1st place.  Unfortunately, this upset a handful of people who were also hoping to win and rampant cheating began.

WBT corrected this by requiring registration in order to vote, but they also discounted any votes that had come in prior to that change.  Thus, many of the votes that I received in those first two days were subsequently not counted.  However, I was still able to pull enough votes to land in the group of finalists and head to round 2.

Now that all of the cheating has been taken care of and the voting process has been simplified, I’m looking for help getting to Round 3 of the contest.

On Thursday of this week, I’ll be appearing for one hour (8-9 pm EST) during the John Hancock show so that I can ‘show my stuff’ in a radio format.  If you’d like to tune in, go to to listen.

In the mean time, I could really use your vote!  Registration is almost painless and of course voting is simple (after you register they’ll provide you with a list of the 10 finalists. I’m number 2.).


If you help me get on the air, I promise I’ll bring my voice to the station’s 100,000 watts of power to spread the activist messages that I see here.  From tea parties to PC’s, I will not be another talking head that simply commentates on the news.  I’ll bring on guests that are writers and pundits but I’ll also bring on guests that are in the trenches and making a difference.

I’ll help spread news from the very pages of this website and inform an audience that may be lacking in the latest that we here at RedState are privy to on a daily basis.

I will not disappoint.  I will not sell out.  I will not forget your help.

Thanks for listening and I hope for your vote.

Click here to vote!

Ben Howe

[email protected]


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