Who are the Real Criminals?

The United States Federal Register adds an average of about 220 pages per day.  Yes, you read that right.  And yes, that means we are in the 80,000 pages per year zone.  These are the rules that govern our lives, that (some say) cost the country about $1.5 Trillion dollars per year.


Never forget that all of these laws, all of the agencies that enforce them, all of the regulations, and all of the investigations, arrests, and incarcerations that come with it, are paid for by the U.S. government using your tax dollars.  Worse yet, they have to borrow more and more money every year just to keep it going as they add ever increasing numbers of laws and regulations to manage the citizenry.

As has come to light recently, those administering the rules and regulations that we must all abide by, are themselves skirting that responsibility.  So while guns are being illegally sold to Mexican cartels, how are the law abiding citizens of the United States being treated?  Well, as it turns out..like criminals.

via “Are You A Criminal?”

A citizens tax dollars, forcibly taken, to pay interest on money that must be borrowed, in order to finance the administration of hundreds of thousands of pages of rules and regulations that end up throwing that very tax payer into jail for not abiding by bush hedging regulations.

So again I ask: Who are the real criminals?


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