You Asked For It Democrats

As I noted last night, there is some serious concern amongst lefties that the Republicans are trying to steal the Wisconsin Democrat primary process during the current recalls taking place in response to Governor Walker’s budget.  They’re in full panic mode over at the house of Kos. (I’ll let you go look as opposed to sullying our site with a link to that dreck)


Suffice it to say, some are quite upset that an open primary means that anyone can vote if they so choose, regardless of party affiliation or ideology.  That’s why it’s called “open.”  But, in spite of this, Tom Tolan, a writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, has also taken to connecting a business called Patriot Advisors to the Republican party of Wisconsin.

First the denial from the GOP:

The state GOP has been saying it’s not doing anything to help any of their protest candidates in Tuesday’s elections, other than to help them collect signatures on their nomination papers.

Then the damning evidence!

Last week, calls were made to voters in Hopper’s district, and a flier was sent out, in support of John Buckstaff, the protest Democrat challenging King on Tuesday. The flier was identified with a little-known group called Patriot Advisors, which registered June 29 with the state Government Accountability Board to oppose King and support Buckstaff.

The same group also registered to oppose Rep. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse), who’s challenging Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse), and in favor of James Smith, the fake Democrat in that district. Calls in favor of Smith were reported in that district. A reporter left messages at a phone number listed on Patriot Advisors’ filing, but they were not returned.


One problem: I’ve spoken directly to sources close to the group, and they say that Patriot Advisors did respond to the reporter, but the reporter simply decided not to include their response in his story.

And really why would he?  It wouldn’t fit the narrative at all that Patriot Advisors is a for-profit group conducting a business development case study.  Much easier to simply glaze over this by omitting the part where they respond and make clear what their interests are.

But speaking of conspiracies, it does raise an interesting question:  If Tolan deliberately witheld this information, what does that say of the press involvement in these recall elections?  Is it somehow less scandalous for a member of the esteemed press to be witholding information, making connections in spite of evidence and completely ignoring Patriot Advisors claims to the contrary of these reports connecting them to the Republican Party?

In an open primary, why is it that the press is continuing to cast this as a “republican trickery” story when clearly, an open primary is an invitation to any and all voters who would like to have their voices heard?  Are the Tolan’s and Sargent’s of this world simply reporting the news?  Or are they deciding for the public what ideology is allowed to be represented in a primary that the Democrats themselves chose to make open?  Are they telling both sides of the story?  Or are they painting a for-profit enterprise with the broad brush of conspiratorial dirty tricks (an arena usually occupied by their brethren in the Democrat party)?


Who’s to say for sure? Luckily, I have no intention or desire to hide my partisan nature, and so for the second time in two days, let me encourage any Republicans in Wisconsin: Go out and help restore the party of Jefferson!  Buckstaff (D) in the recall election!

But this probably leaves an open question for anyone reading this: Why did I title it “You asked for it Democrats?”  Well, that’s simple. The Democrats are using an unpopular, previously obscure method of simply nullifying the democratic election of a sitting state senator.  It’s laughable to see them feign offense at the notion that the Republicans can use the system to their advantage as well.

Don’t mistake my tone here either.  This is not a defense of open primaries.  Personally, I think that primaries should be purely partisan events and are at the heart of a political party’s decision making for it’s direction and platform.  Which is why it’s stupid to make them open.  But I can’t help but be openly hostile towards Democrats who, instead of fixing their own “loopholes,” decided to exploit the system themselves.

This is a really long way of saying “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  You asked for the game to be played this way Democrats.  Don’t get all weepy now that the tables are turning.




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