Interview: Richard Dreyfuss Talks Constitution

Anyone that was in the bloggers lounge at CPAC in February you likely noticed a visitor that seemed oddly out of place.  No I’m not talking about the “Rent is too High” guy.  I’m talking about the voice we heard narrating Stand by Me, Richard Dreyfuss.


The reason he seemed out of place is obvious: Mr. Dreyfuss is a liberal. He’s never been one to shy away from politics and would probably disagree with just about every post on this site right now.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Dreyfuss for my show, Renewing America on FTR Radio, and to be honest, I was expecting fireworks, arguing & yelling.  I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’ve ever read my posts here or listened to my show, then you’re likely aware that I am not exactly the type who likes to compromise on many things.  I’m also generally unconcerned with whether people I debate serious issues with care for my “tone.”  I think that most here at RedState can probably say the same of themselves.

But just as it’s silly and arbitrary to compromise for the sake of compromise – and just as I know the argument is more important than the tone in which it is delivered – I agree it’s equally foolish equally foolish to be unwilling to attempt to have a rational conversation with someone you find disagreement with.


Mr. Dreyfuss seemed to feel the same way and what followed was a fantastic conversation that was rational, calm, enlightening & educational.

Before I start endorsing it, I would like to find out more about his organization “The Dreyfuss Initiative” (which purports a desire to bring constitutional principles back into the education system) but I will say this: My conversation with Mr. Dreyfuss, a man with whom I strongly disagree on a number of topics, was more capable of having a rational discussion of politics than some on the right that I’ve found myself in a debate with.

Take a moment and judge for yourself.


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