Obama is Failing: Does This Mean We're Not Racist?

At 39 percent, President Obama’s approval rating now equals his all time low from two years ago, with 63 percent of those polled defining him as a “weak leader.”


Let me be clear: This president is failing.

The biggest hit was among Democrats, who dropped from 82 percent to 73 percent as a result of negotiations with Republicans over the tax deal. That’s right; the Democrat base is furious that compromise was reached. After two years of Republicans being cast as the ‘party of no‘ and having all the nation’s ills attributed to their supposed obstructionism by the MSM and the left, suddenly, a ‘party of no’ is exactly what the left expects from Democrats.

But their hypocrisy goes much further than their sudden belief that compromise is heresy.  From opposition to Obamacare to uttering the phrase “take the country back,” Republicans have been accused of racism at every turn for doing no more than disagreeing with the President on matters of policy.  In recent weeks, it’s become clear that Democrats are allowed to be as disappointed and upset with the President as they want without the racism accusations hurled at them.  Apparently, it’s cool to oppose the President now.  For the record, I opposed him before it was cool.

Since Obama has let them down on so many levels, from DADT to the wars to “Tax Cuts,” they have been unleashing Hell on him.

Here’s a screen shot from the Huffington Post summing up the feelings on the left:


It included scores of comments from angry readers who had become detached from their rainbow filled dreams of the Obama unicorn:

All of the money in the world wouldn’t get Obama elected to a second term, he already knows that. – Roach Coach

Obama has been Bush 2.0, complete failure. I worked my fingers to the bone working for him. I am no longer an Obama supporter after Obama did a presser today to disrupt Bernie Sanders. Think about it, he drug Clinton out to get attention, after he sold US out. – Melton244

Obama reminds me of one of those attorneys who will ‘close a deal’ with the least amount of work on his part. It’s a great way to bring in fees. – MSBeal

I REALLY hope someone strong runs against the fraud Obama. – Hawkai

From BoldProgressives.org, an attack on Obama’s conscience:

Mike Stark at the Huffington Post is calling for people to unsubscribe from Obama’s political arm Organizing for America:

Unsubscribing is easy; it will take you less than 30 seconds. You click the link at the bottom of the email, and they present you with a form asking for your email address and a comment explaining your reason for leaving. I suggest you leave the comment “I’m a fed up progressive” followed by any custom comments of your own. They need to know that this is a movement, and those words in common will give them something to measure by.

Look, the president, for whatever reason, seems completely unaware that he is losing his base, drip by steady drip.


The L.A. Times took the pulse of some Obama donors that are soured on his performance:

“I do not plan to support Obama and his reelection effort,” said Utah-based hedge fund manager Art Lipson, who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party and its allies in recent elections. He views the tax-cut compromise as a giveaway to Republicans that will increase the deficit.

“He’s got many great qualities, but he is not a fighter,” Lipson said of the president. “I’ve met with many donors and the level of disappointment is extreme.”

The Daily Show joined in on mocking the President and noted that his “Confidence borders on delusional” for entrusting Bill Clinton with his message:

Ignoring for the moment the insanity of people being this upset that the government isn’t going to take more money from citizens, it’s clear that the left’s love affair with the President is not only over, but has reversed course and is heading straight for Bush-league waters.  Their disillusionment with Obama could perhaps be even worse than their hatred of Bush since this would add betrayal to the list of grievances.

I suppose most of them will excuse the double standard on presidential criticism by using terms like “stockholm syndrome” and “self loathing” to exclude themselves as being racist for opposing the first black president.


Of course, the reality is they are disappointed because President Obama has failed to push through their progressive agenda.  He’s failed to provide the necessary leadership to be ‘the one they’ve been waiting for.’  He’s failed to do more than merely articulate what the left wishes for while being incapable of accomplishing virtually any of it.  Indeed, despite his lofty promises, he has maintained and, in some cases, even pursued agenda items from the Bush administration. His failure to enact the left’s utopian vision, his impotence in policy and weakness in both word and deed have finally revealed to the left just how badly they got taken in 2008.

Also they’re racist.

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