Mick Mulvaney Money Bomb!

39 Seats in 39 days.  Mulvaney is looking to raise $39k.

You may remember Mick Mulvaney from my interview with him earlier this year.  He’s a conservative, endorsed by the likes of Freedomworks, Mitt Romney & of course fellow South Carolinian Sen. Jim Demint.


He’s running against 14 term incumbent and Democrat John Spratt.  Spratt is the House Budget Committee Chairman.  The House Budget Committee is, if you’ll remember, the group of congressmen that are NOT going to be releasing a budget this year because it’s too tough on their campaigns. Spratt made a few hollow public pleas to pass it. If only he’d been that vocal when he helped pass the largest deficits in U.S. history.

Let’s make it even tougher for Pelosi to pass her agenda.  Donate to Mick Mulvaney and let’s unseat and let’s get a real conservative back in the 5th District of SC.

To contribute, click here.


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