Just Who Is the American Hitler, Really?

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I hope you, gentle reader, are sitting down when you read this column. I don’t mean to alarm you, but apparently, one of the two current presidential hopefuls may well be a reincarnation of the Nazi Führer himself, Adolf Hitler.  


That’s right, The New Republic has delivered the goods on a Mr. Donald J. Trump. The man is a Hitler wannabe, nothing more than a vicious, Jew-hating, authoritarian Nazi!

But not really.  

Still reeling from Joe Biden’s recent debate debacle, and the great senility nomination debate it has caused in the Democrat Party, the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) are casting about for a new way to shift the public’s attention from the Democrat chaos to some negative news regarding the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. So, they have settled on an old Democrat attack chestnut – Donald Trump is a Nazi who wants to emulate Hitler (and other fascist dictators)!

I say this is an old chestnut because, since I started paying attention to politics in the late 80’s, the Democrats/MSM have taken great delight in labeling CURRENT REPUBLICAN NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT as “the New Hitler” and a “Nazi.” They did it to Ronald Reagan. They did it to George W. Bush. George H. W. Bush was also caricatured as one, and his father was as well (making things even worse for George W. Bush). John McCain had Nazi ties, according to the Barack Obama campaign, and both Madonna and Family Guy explicitly said he was a Hitler/Nazi. Obama’s main consultant, David Axelrod, characterized Mitt Romney as a Hitler/Nazi. And, I am told the Democrats/MSM did it to Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon.  (No word on Gerald Ford; maybe they forgot?)  


This Democrat attack on Republicans for being a Hitler/Nazi is incredibly dumb. Nazism is on the political left and not on the political right. A Nazi is “a member of the National Socialist (German Workers’) Party, led by Adolf Hitler, which controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945.” As I said before:

The Nazis were socialists – just look at their name!  And just because they fought communists, that doesn’t make them right-wing.  Trotskyite communists fought Stalinists, but they both were communist/leftwing factions.  The Mensheviks fought the Bolsheviks, but both were leftwing.  Further, the Nazi ideology is entirely opposite to that of the conservative Americans to whom they are often lumped together (by the mainstream media).  An American conservative is a person who believes in smaller government, less regulation, and more individualism.  A Nazi believed in big government, which regulated everything and anything, and that the individual should prostrate himself before the state and the state’s leader, Adolf Hitler.  And if you don’t believe me, check out any objective historical book (like this).  

It is only because of Soviet propaganda that the Nazis were rebranded as a party of the political right. So, the Democrats/MSM are relying on false Soviet talking points to attack their Republican opponents as Hitlers/Nazis.


Even worse, while this Hitler/Nazi attack on all Republicans is incredibly dumb, it is even dumber to use it (specifically) against Donald Trump. As is well known, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has converted to Judaism, and she has raised her three children as Orthodox Jews (with her Jewish husband, whom Donald seems to like). Also, Donald Trump grew up in New York City, the city with the largest Jewish population in the world. His organization/businesses have employed many Jews. And he has socialized in New York high society with many Jews over the decades. Neither Ivanka nor any of these other Jews – including Michael Cohen, who now hates Donald Trump – have ever charged that Donald Trump wants to kill, or even discriminate against, them as Jews, as would a real Nazi. Meaning, in MSM parlance, there is “no evidence” for these charges. None at all.

But what is especially disgusting about this characteristic Democrat propaganda attack is that today, on our streets and colleges, there are American socialists running amuck who want to kill or harm American Jews, and in some cases, they are doing so. These people are, by definition, Nazis. And, without a doubt, (almost all of) these people are registered Democrats. And what are Biden and Democrat local officials doing to stop these actual Nazis from continuing their violence and antisemitism? Nothing, legally, despite the vast number of both federal and state charges that could be asserted against these criminals. And politically speaking, Biden and the Democrats are, in fact, appealing to these Nazis for their votes, either by refusing to enforce the laws against their criminal actions and/or by acting in the foreign policy realm to punish the Jewish state of Israel in its defensive war against the terror state of Hamas.  


So, to sum up, the Democrats/MSM attacks on Donald Trump as a new Hitler and as a Nazi is nothing more than disgusting, but sadly normal, Democrat/MSM propaganda. But, in this case, it is also unbelievable chutzpah by the Democrat Party that is today protecting the real Nazis in our midst.  

And it may be one other thing.  It may be another example of projection on their (the Democrats’) part. As I described above, we have to acknowledge that there is “some evidence” of this.  



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