Mexico Will Pay for That Wall! Well Not Mexico. Mexicans, Though. Well ... Some. Maybe.

The President has “evolved” you guys. That’s great news if you’re Mexico, because it means we’re not coming for your wallet to build that wall. I mean it’s not even really a wall, tbh.


Hey, don’t take my word for it merely because I told you this like a year ago. Listen to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Fox News.

Wait just a minute there, people in the comments. Before you finish typing that “it’s still Mexico” or “they’ve been clear about this for months” angry comment, let’s be honest about something. What he said was that Mexico would directly pay for the wall. He said and said it and when Mexico said no they wouldn’t he said oh yes you will.

I don’t care if they’ve changed and evolved over the last eight months until and unless you Trumpists who repeated the “Mexico will pay for it” claim as an article of faith admit that this, this what you are getting now, is NOT what he promised you. You don’t get to move on until you admit you were wrong. That’s the way this works.


Here’s a longer clip with Kelly talking about the wall and the border and the promises and evolution:

Fences? Bro.

Anyway, told you so. Told you so. Told you so.

And once again, you don’t get to say “these are fine and reasonable positions that came through careful learning in office” until you first admit that he and his supporters s**tholed all over the idea of fine and reasonable positions arrived at through careful learning. That’s not what he said.

What he said was he would get rid of DACA and build a real wall with a big beautiful door and Mexico would pay for it. And this isn’t that. So just admit it.


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