BREAKING: Bob Corker Will Vote YES on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!!

That is the ballgame folks. Senator Corker was the only holdout on the Senate version of the bill. Now he, like Senator Rubio, has confirmed he will be voting yes.

I’m not saying we control the universe, but we were among those encouraging the Senator to get on board.

This means that no Republican in the House or Senate has declared they will be a no-vote. The announcement of the details of the bill will be this afternoon at 5:30pm. Senator Rubio had concessions made, we assume Corker did as well.

On Wednesday, sources told me that the yes votes were lined up. It looks like, with a few delays, that was correct.

This is happening. The tax cuts will be here for a Merry Christmas.

We are almost at the finish line.

UPDATE: Here is Corker’s statement, from his Twitter account:

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