Chuck Schumer and Friends Demand Delay of Tax Vote Until Doug Jones Is Seated


Just don’t do it. That’s the correct way to respond to this demand from Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democrats that the Senate delay carrying out the people’s business until Doug Jones is seated. A very different tune than they sang about confirmation hearings, I might add.


Here’s more from CBS.

At a press event Wednesday, Schumer will urge Republicans to “slow down” on the proposal and hold a final vote once Jones gets seated, his office said. Doing so would potentially shatter GOP hopes of approving tax cuts, a key policy goal that lawmakers hope to promote ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

Republican leaders want to vote on final tax legislation by next week, and they expect to have the votes to pass it in the House and Senate once a final deal between the chambers is reached.

The Alabama secretary of state’s office says it will not certify Tuesday’s election results until Dec. 27 at the earliest. That means Jones likely will not get sworn in until next month.

It’s is some pretty basic politicking. This press conference is practically rote. The point is to just say that they did it. To just say later that Republicans “rushed” it through without waiting for the duly elected representative of the blah blah blah. It’s obviously nonsense. Doug Jones has no mandate other than not being a guy who dates children and loves slavery. Certainly no mandate to go stop a tax cut.


Besides, as I said on Twitter, the conference report is already done. The deal is made. The vote is coming. You can expect that we’ll just say “no.”

Even Susan Collins says so:


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