U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley gives the thumbs up after not Making America Great Again on Sunday morning when she said that people should hear women out when they say they’ve been assaulted.


Nikki Haley was on “Face the Nation” on Sunday and was asked, among other topics, about President Trump and sexual harassment allegations. Streiff reported on the interview earlier.

There is little doubt that what we see in the media every day is a new and welcome surge of speaking out about abuse, and abusers suffering the consequences of their actions. There are resignations and apologies every day. In light of that, Haley was asked about it as it pertains to allegations against Trump.

I suggest you read streiff’s entire article here. He is 100% correct that Haley gave a superb answer. (She always does on every topic.) I’ll wait for you to return.

Back? Great. So as you can see, and as streiff pointed out, she neither said always believe every allegation and convict every man, nor did she say treat women poorly and assume they have bad intentions and political biases when they speak up.

Speaking up, despite the evil point of view of hyper-partisan idiots, actually does have consequences. These serious allegations are not made in a vacuum or without risk. Women who truthfully speak up are brave to do it. Women who make such accusations, therefore, have a right to be heard, to be listened to.

This should not be a controversial point of view, and certainly doesn’t throw a single, solitary soul under the bus. At least, that is how sane people like streiff and myself see it.

Not so, though, if you are trash website Bannonbart. Take a look:

Screenshot of Breitbart dot com saying Haley threw Trump under the bus. I’m typing it out because you may disbelieve your eyes.


Yeah. That’s the real thing. Now you may ask, is that at least a fair take, even if you disagree? And the answer is “no.”

But then you might ask, “okay it’s not really fair, but is it totally crazy and insane?” And the answer is “yes.”

Yes, that is totally crazy and insane.

She threw him under the bus by saying “women should always feel comfortable coming forward. And we should all be willing to listen to them.” That’s their crazy, insane take.

Nikki Haley is one of the Trump administration’s most valuable assets. It was brilliant of him to appoint her, and she has been a highlight of the year. Even if nothing else of value ever came from this administration or this Congress, Haley at the U.N. alone would be a strong case for 2017 not being a total waste.

I mean, look at her speech from just two days ago! Badly needed and perfectly put. She is invaluable.

So why are Bannon and minions bashing her? What is their game, their upside? And why on the simple matter of saying let women speak out? What is their motivation? Who are they protecting?

Those are good questions. I suggest everyone think about the answers really hard. Really.


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