BREAKING: Al Franken Resigns From United States Senate Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sen. Franken as he announces his resignation. (Screenshot)

“Some of the allegations against me are not true. Others I remember very differently.”

Those were the less than contrite words from Sen. Franken as he spoke from the Senate floor today. “I am proud that during my time in the Senate that I have used my power to be a champion for women,” he said. “I know there’s been a very different picture of me painted over the last few weeks, but I know who I really am.”


He took shots at Trump. He basically said he didn’t do anything wrong. But he did step down.

“Serving in the United States Senate has been the great honor of my life. I know in my heart that nothing I have done as a Senator – nothing – has brought dishonor on this insitution. And I am confident the ethics committee would agree.

“Nevertheless, today I am announcing that in the coming weeks I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate.”

This is the right thing. The right thing is happening. The number of women who have come forward, the fact that they are believable and credible, and what it says about Franken’s character make this the right call. Al Franken has resigned as a United States Senator.

It’s also a political move that will put pressure on the Republican party, particular with regard to Roy Moore in Alabama. The chance for Democrats to say “We got rid of ours, now what about yours?” Which means this is certainly done under a great deal of pressure from the party.


He hinted at what most people were already speculating, that he would immediately become an activist, loudly, after this.

You can expect CNN and MSNBC to focus mostly on Franken’s remarks about Moore and Trump. Watch the news today and you’ll see.

By the way, here’s a picture of Al Franken.


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