THE BIG DEAL OF THE DAY: Death and Taxes ... and Trump

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is upon us.

Picture this heroic scene in a movie.

A tough but emotionally available Democrat president, played by Martin Sheen or Morgan Freeman, his tie loosened, his desk a mess, working late at night. He’s writing in pen on printed documents as the sweat soaked aide who ran them over to his desk from Capital Hill is catching his breath and looking earnest. “Take these changes to the Senate,” says the President.


Cut to the office of a Senator, played by Denzel Washington, who is now reading the handwritten notes. “This is brilliant,” he says with awe. He personally runs to the Senate floor. “We have to get these changes in!” They take the handwritten notes. It’s part of the bill.

Working for Americans, the Senators have chosen not to sit around and wait for things to be printed or faxes to be sent. They are rolling up their sleeves. They writing with whatever is at hand. They’ve got to get this right, people are counting on them.

Democrats would eat that up. That movie would be the ‘most important film of our time” according to DemocratMovieEmotionMeter dot com. But when the GOP in the Senate had a few handwritten changes to their tax bill on Friday, Democrat twitter went nuts about how nobody could even read the bill.

The same Democrats who said of Obamacare that congress had to pass it in order to see what was in it. The same Democrats who were proudly bragging about how they forced everyone to stay at work because Americans couldn’t go another day without Obamacare freaked out that they were up late to vote on the GOP tax plan.


Today, the House and Senate will be working together and coming to an agreement on a final version of a unified GOP tax plan, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”, to take to President Trump. They have worked hard on this, late into the night, making last minute changes, trying to get it right, and yes, cutting deals. Deals are politics. Politics is deals. Today they’ll cut more, between the House and the Senate.


If you listen to the left, you’ll think we’re all going to die from it. But is that true? What will be the end result? We have some thoughts on that here at RedState.

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and even John McCain were essential to getting this thing to where it is today. But not just them.

President Trump, too, was instrumental. Tax reform was one of the biggest parts of his agenda, and especially the “tax” of Obamacare. Finally, here at the end of the calendar year, this is being addressed.

An agreement will be reached. A bill will be sent. And before Christmas, the President will sign it. That is a big deal.

As you can see from the articles linked above, there will be different takes on how good or bad this thing is. There will be other legislation written to either support it or counter it. But it WILL become law, in a form very near to what we already see in the two bills. And that is a win for the GOP, and especially for this president, who sorely needed it.

Next month, when we middle class schleps have more money in our paychecks, we’ll be thanking them. Because despite the good/bad nature of legislation, this bill is a middle class tax CUT. I’ll go ahead and say thanks right now. To the House and Senate, and to the White House.


If not for the whole of it, for the parts that are good. And especially for actually following through and doing something, which I’ve been bitching at you to do for 11 months.



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