TAX BILL: Cantwell ANWR Amendment Blocked

Moments ago, the Senate blocked an amendment to the tax bill from Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) that would have blocked using the Arxtic Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil drilling. The amendment was rejected by a vote 52-48.


Here’s an explanation of the amendment from the Seattle Times:

The amendment — if passed — would have stripped out language in a budget resolution that instructs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to raise an additional $1 billion in revenue over a decade. That money is expected to be generated through removing restrictions on refuge exploration.

The House already has approved budget instructions expected to result in a move to open the refuge to oil development. Any legislation allowing oil exploration is expected to be backed by President Donald Trump, who campaigned on increasing U.S. fossil-fuel production.

Cantwell isn’t having a good week. But the GOP is having a good night on amendments, with one miss (Rubio’s).

There is still a lot going down in the Senate at the time of this posting. We will update more as necessary and able.


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