BREAKING: Jury Returns in Menendez Trial, and They Brought a Note (UPDATES)

Democrat Bob Menendez may not be doing any time on the many charges he is facing. Not based on this trial, anyway. The jury returned to the courtroom today with a note, explaining that they are hopelessly deadlocked and cannot reach a verdict. Now the judge has to decide whether to ask them to keep trying or not.


The judge said that asking the jurors for a partial verdict would be a “futile exercise” and that doing so would lead down a “slippery slope of coercion“, according to Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Andrew Seidman.

Menendez’s attorneys are asking for a mistrial, and moments ago all the attorneys joined the judge in chambers to discuss the case. The judge wants to interview the jury foreman.

Syndicated columnist Phil Kerpen wants to know more about the situation with the holdout.

It doesn’t look good.


We’ll update you when there is some decision.

UPDATE The jurors are being interviewed one by one now. Not a good sign.

UPDATE: The game is being called, y’all.


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