So Much for "Inadvertently"? Twitter Employee Erased Trump's Account on Their Last Day at Work.

On Thursday, Donald Trump’s Twitter went missing. (My first thought? FINALLY!!!) But it came back quickly, and Twitter offered an explanation:


No one in Trump town believed them, and of course people told Trump town not to be paranoid. But then …

There are two takeaways here. The first, like Patterico, is to praise the deletion. Trump’s tweets are a very real, and very serious problem. Patterico puts this right into perspective.

The second, though, is the unavoidable fact of the activist act. This employee, in what any fair reading of Twitter’s second tweet sounds like a deliberate act, has made a pretty significant decision (not to mention a heroic stab at their 15 minutes) to undertake an act of perceived civil disobedience (not actual civil disobedience since Twitter is a private company, of course), or #resistance, and will be praised for it. Is being praised for it.

Hell, might even get rich off it.

NRO’s Dan McLaughlin, formerly of RedState, proposes flipping the script for a moment.


Twitter still has their “internal review” to conduct.

Still, Patterico’s point is more than well-taken. Trump’s tweets are not good for us. They may excite his base, and keep the media in ratings, but inasmuch as they frequently undermine his own staff, and perhaps now even terror cases, they are not good for Americans. One imagines (hopes) some of the inner circle know that. As Joe put it:

Once again, in other words, everybody involved in politics is a bad guy, to one degree or another.


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