BREAKING: Trump's Morning Tweet Is a Serious Slap in the Face to His Base

That didn’t take long. Yesterday, Susan wrote about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ press briefing answer that sounded an awful lot like the appeal to amnesty we’ve heard before. Last night, Susan told us about the dinner with Schumer and Pelosi. This morning, I broke down the full story on the new amnesty deal and how his base was reacting.


In my article, I noted that today we’d find out if he was going to backtrack or double down.

Question answered:

In case you can’t see the tweet, here is what it says:

Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..

The entire premise of this argument is diametrically opposed to every ounce of rhetoric and fervor from the immigration wing of the Republican party. The answer is “yes” of course. Yes, people really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people. Yes. Really.


On it goes like that.

Trump’s tweet is the very essence of an amnesty argument. It is the very philosophy upon which the amnesty argument rests. It is exactly the thing his fervent supporters have been arguing against and yelling about for years. Yes, Donald. Yes, people really want to send every illegal home regardless of how they came here.

The relative feasibility of doing so, or indeed the wisdom of it, are not the point here. The point is that he has been the champion and figurehead for a movement that wants to do the EXACT thing he is tweeting incredulously about this morning as if it’s the first he’s ever heard of it.

I can’t imagine a more thorough betrayal. I really, really can’t.


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