Oh Good, the President Just Tweeted About Why Working With Russia Against Americans is A-OK

Oh Good, the President Just Tweeted About Why Working With Russia Against Americans is A-OK
President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, Friday, July 7, 2017, in Hamburg. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Trump just tweeted about the many trials and tribulations his son is enduring following his perfectly normal and innocent meeting with Russians about how take out Hillary Clinton.

Jay Caruso will have an editorial posted here shortly going in depth on this tweet, but before that, I have question. Would you have gone to that meeting? I wouldn’t have.

One, I would refuse to take aid from Russkies. Sorry if that makes me sound old, but they are the bad guys and have been half over half a century. I wouldn’t have gone on principle, and I wouldn’t have trusted them anyway.

Speaking of trust, what kind of amateur move was this on the part of Don Jr.? Has he never worked in a high stakes job before? The Trumps, and their friends and fervent fans see a conspiracy behind every Democrat mailbox and pizza place. But he found no reason to distrust a meeting with Russia intended to collude in defeating his opponent?

And finally, I will use the opportunity of this post to give you a sample of something I’m working on for RedState. It’s a new type of newsletter for us, and last week I created a sample dialog. It’s a bit out of date, but pertinent here, so I’m pasting just a portion of it below.


This should have come up…

Hey, remember that time everyone spent months saying that Russia wanted to help Trump win the election, and then Trump and company denied that for months, and it was this huge thing that everyone has been talking about all day every day forever? Yeah, while that was going on, Donald Trump Jr. sat around not mentioning that he willingly attended a meeting for the express purpose of getting help from Russia to beat Hillary Clinton. You see what the problem is there, right? That’s the reason he met with them. While everyone was denying Russia wanted to help Trump win, Don Jr. 100% believed he had a meeting because Russia wanted Trump to win.

Feels like that should have come up. And no, it doesn’t matter if they actually were representing the government of Russia (which would be nearly impossible to prove. Part of spycraft is denying you did it. It’s not like they took pictures with Putin while wearing nametags that said “we duped Junior”) and it doesn’t even matter if any information about Hillary was exchanged.

You have to tell me if you’re a cop, you know…

What matters is that Donald Trump Jr. believed that was the purpose of the meeting, was told that it was the purpose, and went for that purpose. And then sat silent through months of people saying meetings like that took place. Mocking people, in fact, for saying such meetings took place. That’s pretty amazing. (But yes, apologists, not treason.) The press and the administration are getting bogged down in the byzantine ins and outs of government and legality, but it’s not that complicated. It’s just one more example of dishonesty, bad decisions, and bad intentions all around.

And that’s the mail…

That’s the Overnight Mail for today. What have we learned? Pay bloggers more, never get involved in a land crusade in Asia, and above all, something doesn’t have to be treasonous to be slimy and dishonest. If you haven’t learned that in the last couple of decades of government, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s just a sample. The full email was titled “It’s All About Byzantium, Baby” and went into some minor history from the First Crusade. Yeah.

Tomorrow morning, the lead story at 4 am is tentatively titled “The Deplorable Democrats.” Just wanted to point that out in case you forgot that they are awful too.

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