The Democrats Tweet Shit ... Literally

I’m not cursing. I’m quoting. They literally tweeted the actual word “shit.”


Oh, it’s real.

Here is what happens next. People call them out for sinking to being crass. They and their defenders will take the following positions:

  • 1. You DARE worry about curse word when Trump BLANK??
  • 2. You care about the word shit but not Bill O’Reilly BLANK??
  • 3. In defense of Mrs. Obama’s beautiful sentiment, our outrage is just and virtuous.
  • 4. We’re keeping it real and you’re wasting time on nonsense.

All are lame defenses but they will deliver them with the most pompous, self-indulgent, “rebel disruptor” posing they can muster. Rest assured the people who posted “I got this” Obama memes are quivering in their pajama shorts reading that tweet as we speak.

None of which changes the actual facts here. And they are:

  • 1. You did this in order to allow the Dem masses to offer these lame defenses. It’s defending the tweet that’s the goal.
  • 2. You said shit on Twitter from an official account representing your party because you believe it makes you edgy and cultivates your desired image of scrappy fighters resisting bad guys who hate love.
  • 3. Nobody thinks of you (or Chelsea Clinton) as cool, scrappy, tough, hip people. No one. No one thinks that anywhere. Not even you. Not anyone. Not ever.
  • 4. Nerds.

This is like a 10-year-old saying “shit” at school and then looking around triumphantly for admiration from peers. Honestly? You look silly.

You aren’t cool. You’re a political party. Political parties aren’t cool. And I should know. What’s cooler than a blogger?

… What do you mean “everything” is cooler than a blogger? Really?



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