House Freedom Caucus Meets, Will Not 'Formally Oppose' AHCA

Chairman Mark Meadows on Monday, following the meeting of the House Freedom Caucus (with Senators Cruz, Paul, and Lee as plus ones), said that the caucus will not formally oppose passage of the slightly revised version of the AHCA, or Trumpcare (Or Ryancare, whichever you prefer.) Not voting as a bloc puts the passage in the hands of each Representative.


“We’re not taking any official positions. I’m going to encourage them to vote for their constituents.”

From Politico:

The hard-line conservative coalition won’t take an official position against the bill even though they didn’t get what it wanted in negotiations, he said. That could make it easier for members to break away.

Several individual members of the caucus remain unsatisfied with the bill, and the changes, which we’ll outline here at RedState shortly. Among those expressing their dissatisfaction: Justin Amash.


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