Here We Go? April the Giraffe May Finally Be in Active Labor Right Now! [WATCH]

(Video at bottom of post).

I confess that the national interest in giraffe labor has mystified me, but a lot of people are very committed now to seeing this through, my wife among them. And according to the latest update, this may finally be the end of the saga.


The animal park posted on Facebook tonight:

Could it finally be time? PJ Media’s Paula Bolyard thinks so, with her latest update just before three in the morning, Eastern.

Update 2:47 a.m. EST: I’m pretty convinced it’s happening tonight. April is pacing almost constantly now with her tail extended. There will be no sleep in this house until I see that calf! This rivals a royal wedding for me!

Bolyard has a lot more info for you in her article here.

And now, without further “she’s due”, the live stream:


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