Senate Dems to Throw Another Dumb Sleepover Tonight Because Of Course

The EPA and Scott Pruitt. That’s the reason that Senate Democrats will be staging yet another all-nighter Thursday, protesting, of course, a President Trump pick.


In the latest nomination drama, Senate Democrats are going to make speeches all night attacking Trump nominee Scott Pruitt. They don’t like him because he has previously opposed handing absolute dictatorial unilateral power to the EPA, because he has emails from oil companies, and because energy companies have made political donations for him.

Those are features, not bugs, in case you were wondering.

When Democrats held up the vote on Dr. Tom Price, forcing it until the dead of night, uninformed liberals and celebrities bemoaned the “cover of night” being used for the vote. Nevermind it was only at that particular wee hour due to Democrat grandstanding. Tonight they intend to stand grand once again.

Should be totally lame. Nevertheless, we’ll be here to bring you live coverage during the night, I’m sorry to say. Tune in won’t you? It’s scary being alone in the dark with Dems.


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