From The Mailbag: 'Thank You for Not Selling Out'

Like any website, we get a lot of hate mail through our various forms of contact. But not everything is bad news. Today we got a nice affirmation I thought I’d share.


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I just wanted to thank the writers at RedState for not selling out. As a conservative, this is one of the few sites I bother to read anymore. All your writers are fair. When Mr. Trump is correct, you acknowledge this. When Mr. Trump is wrong, you are not afraid to call him out. Thank all of you so much!


That is exactly what we aim for. Truthful, even-handed, interesting, entertaining.

Thank you to you, Bret, and to all of our readers, without whom we wouldn’t be here.

On a side note, if you haven’t got a diary enabled here at RedState, give it a go. We’ve made some repairs to some of our tech glitches and diary requests should begin processing. So to all our members and commenters, sign up for your own diary and start blogging today. You too, Bret!


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