This Video of Celebs Urging Electoral College to Change Their Votes is So Bad It's Retroactively Why Trump Won

Just … wow. I will say, for the record, that pretty much every video that involves multiple people reading one script spliced together, sometimes overlapping with repeating lines, is the worst thing that ever happened. I hate them. They are worse when it is TV and movie stars earnestly talking to the camera about something Very Serious and Important that they are Super Totally Concerned About.


Until today, the most heinous one ever was the one where Demi Moore and pals pledged allegiance to Barack Obama. Just brutal. Excruciating. But there’s a new one out now urging Republican Electors, Republican Electors, Republican Electors to “vote their conscience” and not make Donald Trump the next President of the United States.

Just watch. If you can.

I seriously cannot imagine who is influenced by this sort of thing. It’s maudlin and overwrought and silly and, frankly, pretty offensively condescending. Look I have no problem with a famous actor running their mouth about politics on Twitter or wherever. They are entitled to their wrong political opinion just like any other American. But

But. But. In the name of all that is good and normal, stop making these idiotic videos!!! Why? Why do you think that mashing together ten or 15 people who acted in different shows somehow speaks to us? Because their faces are familiar? Because they are rich and famous and caring and upstanding?

That kind of presumption is why Trump won. Don’t you get it yet? Americans are tired of being preached to by our cultural elites. Tired of being told how to think and how to feel and what to say and what to NOT say and when to not say it and how to raise our kids and what kind of light bulb to use and what kind of church to go to and who we should make cakes for and what our sports teams should be named and who we should vote for!!


Stop it! Celebrities. I am telling you, as someone who is repulsed by Donald Trump. YOU AREN’T HELPING. Get it through your beautiful skulls.

And by the way? Leave North Carolina and our bathrooms the hell alone. It’s none of your damn business.


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