We Remember Things, Too.

The alt-right online, which is a real thing, dedicated a sizable chunk of their tweeting last year to the task of telling those who didn’t worship Donald Trump their “betrayal” would be “remembered.” That their opposition would be remembered. That they would pay for their insolence because the alt-right would “remember” it. A whole lot of time on the notion of remembering. So it is odd, I think, that some famous “conservative” pundits think everyone is going to forget how they spent 2016 playing footsie with, encouraging, retweeting, and basking in the adoration of the alt-right, which is a real thing. It’s vexing. I am vexed.


This group of loudmouths, however large or small you imagine them to be (and it’s all a matter of opinion, friends, until someone takes a census), is a real thing. That point cannot be stressed enough. They are gross and despicable and ornery and vengeful and childish and idiosyncratic and racist and real. Oh yes, I used the “R” word. Both of them. Very real, and very racist.

If you spent 2016 enjoying their fierce defenses of your Trumpaganda, occasionally throwing them the bit of raw red flesh, periodically taking time to validate them with seemingly innocuous replies, retweeting them and feigning ignorance at the meaning of their cult words like “cuck” or “feral” or their cult images like “pepe”, don’t come crawling to Twitter in sputtering outrage when someone has the gall to remember it.

We remember things too, y’all. We know that you know who you’re retweeting, and what they say, think, and do. We know you don’t care how vile they are as long as they keep chanting #MAGA and keep acting as your internet goon squad. We remember. It’s part of your “body of work.”


You’ve elected to get into that bed. You’ve selected who you’re going to hang with. Selections have consequences. We remember things too.


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