BREAKING: Shots Fired at Polling Station in Azusa, CA, Four Victims Reported, NOT CONTAINED

Via Reuters: “A polling station in Azusa, California is in lock down after shots were fired nearby, CNN reported.”

The LA Times reports that there are now four victims who have been shot.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Scroggin said police were dealing with at least one suspect who was heavily armed.

Few details were released about the shooting, which occurred sometime after 2 p.m. in a residential neighborhood in the area of Fourth Street and Orange Avenue, said Officer Jerry Willison of the Azusa Police Department.

“This is a very volatile and critical situation,” he said.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department reported firefighters were treating four patients, but their injuries were not immediately known because the situation was “not contained.”

CNN spoke with witnesses for an earlier report.. Here’s an excerpt:

Two voters who were inside the Memorial Park North Recreation Center when the shooting occurred spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity.

Azusa is located roughly 30 miles outside Los Angeles.

One male voter says he was inside when he heard a bunch of shots ring out and people from outside starting to run in before officials locked the doors. He told CNN a “massive shooting is happening and the police have told us to stay indoors. We are currently on locked down.”

A female voter told CNN she heard the shots ring out.

Police are warning citizens to stay away.

We will update as information becomes available.

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