Donald Trump Lies Right to Your Faces, Episode A Billion [VIDEO]

Donald Trump - Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

lies-headerSeriously, it’s really absurd what a liar Donald Trump is. Just an outright fabulist. A teller of untruths. A prevaricator. HE LIE.

I thought the most blatant lie of his this year would be the one where he said it was his idea to have the convention in Cleveland, even though that decision was made years ago before he had anything to do with the operation of the party. But no, this is more blatant.


Remember yesterday when folks were abuzz about Obama defending a Trump supporter protesting his Hillary rally? Trump remembers it differently.

(Click if the tweet embed did not work.)

It just amazing. He lied about his GOP opponents, blatantly. Not to mention their families. He lies about his charitable giving. He lies about his past statements, even though they are on video. He lies about what he’ll do in office. He lies right to your faces. Constantly. Willfully. He does it to your faces. He does it easily and without hesitation. It is habitual. It is effortless. It’s his art.

“Hillary lies too” doesn’t change that one bit.


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