FBI Has FOUND Clinton Emails in Weiner Files, "Strong Belief" Classified Info "Is In Play" - Fox

The reporting on Hillary’s emails is getting a bit confused, with email releases now coming from multiple agencies. However, on Fox News last night, veteran reporter Catherine Herridge reported that FBI sources have confirmed the fact that Hillary Clinton emails have been found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, that the emails are not duplicates of emails that have already been publicly released, and that agents believe classified intel “is in play” in the uncovered files.


Here’s the report:

There are new e-mails on the computer and strong belief that classified information is in play, that’s not final yet. This does conflict with the Clinton camp’s position that the e-mails were all duplicates what have they already provided to the State Department. We’re also hearing from a 16-year veteran and whistle blower who says director Comey’s July decision not to recommend criminal charges for the miss handling of classified information in the e-mail case was a body blow for investigators who believe the evidence was strong.

CBS has also confirmed the report that the FBI has indeed found non-duplicate emails from the Clinton basement server on Weiner’s laptop.

As Phil Kerpen notes, no one’s computer is more vulnerable to being compromised than someone like Weiner.


As we noted yesterday, other emails have been released by the State Department in compliance with a FOIA request, which may be the emails the Clinton campaign claimed were “duplicates” in a bit of deliberate mixed messaging. Muddying the waters is about all they can do at this point.


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