ENSOFTENING: Top Trump Surrogate Ben Carson Outlines Alternative to Mexico Paying for the Wall

Donald Trump can’t stop waffling on his wall, or on his immigration policies as a whole. This week, the question of Mexico paying has been a hot one. From Trump’s denial that it came up in Mexico, to the Mexican President stating unequivocally that he told Trump Mexico would not pay, to Trump’s speech where he said they don’t know it, but they darn sure will, it’s been typical Trumpian absurdity.

We’ve told you several times already the ways in which Trump is using carefully ambiguous language to dupe his fans by claiming Mexico is going to pay for a big, physical wall, all the while leaving himself options to not do that. And his surrogates have let it slip for months. The latest such slip comes from one his most important surrogates, former rival Dr. Ben Carson.

From Fox News:

Speaking with Fox News, Carson said money saved from enforcing the border could be used – though he did not elaborate on what level of savings the federal government could expect, particularly when Trump is proposing spending more money on border security resources.

“Recognize that a lot of money is going to be saved by enforcing our borders, by not, you know, giving various types of benefits to people who are here illegally,” Carson said. “That money is money that we otherwise would not have had and that can be applied to the wall and various other things. That’s I believe the spirit in which that comment is made. I don’t think Mexico is going to write a check out and say here, pay for the wall.”

Saved or created money. That sounds like how President Obama counts job numbers. It’s mealy-mouthed politician talk for “well they aren’t actually going to pay for it.”

Using money that we save by not spending it on the border isn’t having someone else pay for it. That’s still our money. That’s like thinking that buying something on sale puts money in your pocket. You’re still spending the money. He’s talking about allocating funds to the wall that were previously allocated to enforcement. It’s not money we “otherwise would not have had” it’s money we do have and were spending.

Lifezette, run by Trumbot Laura Ingraham, also reported “alternative” payment ideas, such as using seized cartel assets.

To fund construction of a new U.S. border wall, Donald Trump and senior advisers are considering various ideas, including the use of assets seized from drug cartels and others in the illicit drug trade.

As the debate over who will pay for the wall dominates the discussion on cable news, sources involved in the pre-planning of the GOP nominee’s Mexico trip told LifeZette the Trump camp is looking for innovative ways to pay for the construction of the border wall — ways that both countries can support. Sensitivities in Mexico regarding Trump’s visit, and specifically paying for the border wall, are running high.

A fine idea. But not the idea Trump sold during the primaries. It’s not even the idea he sold in his speech this week. Trump has conjured in the minds of his base an image of Mexico crawling on its knees with a check in hand. Vengeance for terkinerrjerbs. He’s sold that idea this entire campaign. But like most of what he sells, both politically and commercially, it’s not what the customer expected, wanted, or was told.

In other words, told you so.

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