Trump in Mexico: We Didn't Discuss Who Would Pay for the Wall [VIDEO]

I mean … really? Donald Trump answered a few questions after his remarks in Mexico this afternoon regarding the meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. ABC’s Jon Karl asked the most obvious and critical question, which was what the two had to say about who will pay for the border wall Trump has been promising for the last year.


The border wall Trump has been promising Mexico will pay for. The border wall payment with which he taunts Mexico, and any domestic critics, at every opportunity.

Trump said they didn’t discuss it.


He spins it as something for a later discussion and negotiation, but for it to not even come up is just absurd. Vowing that Mexico will pay for the wall has been a centerpiece of his campaign. It will surely be in his speech tonight, as it is in most of his immigration speeches. It’s a primary point of conflict between Donald Trump and Mexico.

And they didn’t discuss it? [SEE UPDATE BELOW]

You know why, right? I mean, come on. It’s negotiable. If there even is a wall, he’s just laid the groundwork today that the issue of payment is negotiable. He didn’t put his foot down. It wasn’t a deal breaker for him. It didn’t even top his list.

He claimed in his remarks that he went in strong and told hard truths. That’s not how it sounds to me. Sounds like he’s just easing into “hey we gotta work with people,” which will be his go-to excuse for every promise he fails to live up to. Stay tuned.



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