Target Tries to Thread the Needle With New Bathroom Changes, Fails

Is it enough? In true leftist tradition, Target made enemies of a big part of the American population when it tried to impose new activist, left wing values on their base customer demographic, and they paid the price. Now they’re being forced to make changes to the tune of $20 million dollars. But is it just cosmetic?


Every RedState reader knows by now that Target set a policy in their stores (and made a big show of it) supposedly for the benefit of transgender customers, which was basically that anyone could use any bathroom in which they felt comfortable, regardless of either the gender on the door or the gender of the customer. The obvious result of this is that any man could use the women’s restroom along with women and girls any time he felt like it, transgender or not, and nobody could say boo about it.

That idiotic position predictably angered sensible Americans, who boycotted the stores and cost them not only dollars but image and consumer confidence. It also predictably resulted in a criminal incident.

All of which led to a new move by Target, as Townhall reports.

Target(TGT)CFO Cathy Smith said Wednesday that the company has heard objections to the transgender bathroom policy from some customers, though she said other customers had voiced support. In response, Target has decided to expand its use of a third, single-toilet bathroom at all of its stores, which can be locked by users.

That bathroom can be used by any customer who needs some privacy, including parents with small children of a different gender or those who are uncomfortable with a public bathroom in which a transgender person is allowed.

As Cortney O’Brien notes, most Target stores already have third bathroom. I would add that the existence of said extra bathroom did not prevent Target from instituting the policy. Indeed, the truth is it doesn’t even change the policy.


Men will still be allowed in the women’s restroom. All Target is saying is that, if you are a hate-filled seven year old who doesn’t want to share her bathroom with a man and his camera, then you can wait for the private locking bathroom. That’s not a change for the better, it’s a fake concession.

Until Target says the men’s restroom is for men, and the women’s restroom is for women (and yes, activist liberals, that policy can accomModate transgender individuals easily) there’s really no reason for anyone to let up on the boycott. The truth is that Target hasn’t heard their customers at all, and neither has the rest of corporate America. They bend to the loud left and their famous, big mouth, celebrity spokespeople. That may serve them well at rich people mixers, but it isn’t what their customers want, and the customers should show them with a continued boycott.

It’s called solving a problem without the courts or the government, and it will work.



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