Awesomely Smart DNC Panel Tackles Important Issue of Men Being Denied Abortion Rights!!!

FINALLY. Someone is finally addressing the issue of whether biological men who “identify” as women are being denied abortions. AT LONG LAST.

The Free Beacon reports today on an exceptional and ground-breaking discussion at the DNC on reproductive rights and transgenderism and The Grudge. Actress Amber Tamblyn was part of the panel, because DNC rules clearly state that no issue matters unless some actress has put her two cents in on it (they’re our greatest treasure, did you know that?), and this discussion was of course no exception.

From the Beacon:

When asked if trans women are “being denied their reproductive rights” Pressley was stumped.

“You got me on that one.”

Tamblyn chimed in, arguing that the reproductive rights of trans women are at the forefront of the conversation at Planned Parenthood, where the Grudge 2 star sits on the board of directors.

“I wouldn’t know any statistics on that but I would say that goes again with the same notion of community, and fighting for everyone together,” Tamblyn said. “That for me as a heterosexual white woman to talk about reproductive rights and sit on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood, I have to not just talk about my people. I have to talk about everybody. And that’s a huge thing, and that’s a major part of the discussion.”

Tamblyn admitted she has a lot to learn about whether biological men are being denied abortions.

“The fact that I don’t know, the fact that I don’t have an answer should tell you a lot,” she said. “About what I need to learn.”

Thank God (but not God though, right? Stupid creationists) that we have Democrat actresses out there to ponder whether they have enough awareness about biological gender impossibilities.

But listen, just as a lark, maybe think for a minute about the fact that the biology of the man who identifies as a woman is totally indifferent to said “identification” and refuses to suddenly become capable of pregnancy. Maybe that should tell you something, I don’t know, scientific?

Also, maybe think about the education system in America, or at least the Very Important Liberal Actress Democrat education system. There’s this book about birds and bees Amber Tamblyn should probably read. I regret to inform her that there is no alternate version called “The Birds Who Just Sort Of FEEL Like Birds and The Bees Who Identify as Bees.”

And finally, while you’re at it, think about the fact that Democrats love abortion so much they want to miracle men into the ability to have babies JUST SO THEY CAN ABORT THEM.

Seriously. You cannot make up what goes on when large numbers of liberals congregate. It’s a laugh a minute.