LIVE From Charlotte: Peaceful Objection Outside Hillary/Obama Rally in NC (PICS) **UPDATED**


Redstate is here at the Hillary Clinton / President Obama rally in Charlotte, where it is peaceful and quiet in the sweltering heat. Though there are objectors, I wouldn’t call them protesters, and they are 100% peaceful. There has been no confrontation, though the lines run for blocks.


More than one person has complained to me about the organization of the event, which is very poor. There is no water along the line, which is hundreds long and covers many city blocks in multiple directions.

Here’s the protesters that we’ve seen so far.

He’s made the rounds, walking up and down the long, long lines, with nary a peep from those in line. He has shouted at no one, confronted no one, and no one has confronted him. A totally peaceful meeting of opposing points of view.


That dude was literally right at the entrance, as you can see. Again, everything was quiet and no one argued.

The only other group here was an anti-abortion group. This group has microphones set up and is preaching from across the streets at 3 locations, while showing photos of aborted children. There was some shoutback from across the street, but it was minor. We’ll try to get the video up later today from that.


Overall, all’s quiet and peaceful and humid and hot, hot, hot. The line trudges on, and we’ll bring you more updates as we have them.


We think this was a Bernie voter:

Abortion protesters mentioned above.


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