NEAT TRICK: Donald Trump FORGOT He Has The World's Greatest Memory


This is quite a feat of … I can’t think of the word. It slipped my mind. But it’s quite a … that. In what has to be the most amazingly dumb thing of the day, it seems Donald Trump, in his sworn testimony pertaining to the Trump University case, forgot about having “the world’s best memory.” He forgot. About having the best memory.

For NBC, researcher Charlie Gile pored over the sworn testimony and counted 59 times that Trump claimed to not recall something. This sudden inability to remember things prompted an amazing exchange with a lawyer for the plaintiff.


And here’s more from Politico:

In response, Trump said he thinks he has a “good” or a “great” memory, but doesn’t recall claiming it’s one of the world’s best, according to hours of previously unreleased testimony in which Trump was questioned by the plaintiffs’ lawyer Jason Forge.

“So you don’t remember saying that you have one of the best memories in the world?” Forge asked.

“I remember you telling me, but I don’t know that I said it,” Trump replied.

Three weeks earlier, during a conversation about 9/11 with NBC News reporter Katy Tur, Trump had said he had “the world’s best memory,” Tur reported.

Oh he said it alright. And his surrogates state on CNN and Fox and MSNBC all the time that he has one of the greatest memories in the world.

Just not the 59 times it came up during his deposition. And not, it seems when it comes to remembering that he has the greatest memory. It was three weeks from when he made that claim to when he forgot it. I’ve remembered satisfying burps for longer than that.

It’s really like a clown show. But guess what? That’s not even all of this article. Guess what else he can’t remember?

When he makes a claim but can’t produce the evidence, he cites his awesome memory as proof that it happened. When he’s evading a claim made by someone else, he can’t even remember how awesome he is at remembering. Isn’t that great? Wait, that’s not the word. Dangit.

Of course, none of this matters. His fans will simply chalk the whole thing up to “but Hillary though,” the magic talisman that makes all things totally fine to say and do. It’s the ultimate hall pass.

Oh snap I just remembered the word I was thinking of. For the opening sentence. The word that escaped me was “total two-faced, clownish, cartoon-like, dishonest buffoonery.” I guess that’s more than one word. I forgot.

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