BREAKING: Another MAJOR Republican Endorses Hillary Clinton Over Trump

Brent Scowcroft has been involved in Republican politics longer than most Trump supporters have been alive. He served as National Security Adviser to both President Gerald Ford and President George H.W. Bush. He is respected and listened to, still, in Washington. Today, against Trump, Scowcroft endorsed Hillary Clinton.


“She brings truly unique experience and perspective to the White House, having served as Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady,” says Scowcroft in his endorsement (below). “She brings deep expertise in international affairs and a sophisticated understanding of the world.”

If that ain’t a shot at know-nothing Trump I don’t know what is.

Just last week, Richard Armitage also said he would back Hillary over Trump. That’s two heavy hitters on foreign policy.

Here is the full endorsement, with gross Hillary praise, from the Clinton campaign (click to enlarge):

They’ll try to spin it off, but it is certainly not good news for Trump’s campaign narrative and was perfectly timed to undercut his speech from this morning.


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