How Much Anti-NRA Spin can CBS Pack Into Twenty-Nine Seconds of Network TV? Watch ...

In addition to the four big lies they’ve been telling this week, there have been hundreds of other dishonest “hot takes” from the press. In political circles we often focus on what happens on the cable news stations, but the local channels are more likely to influence people who can still be influenced on gun control, and in that arena the leftie, gun-control narrative saturation is even more total, even more blatant, and even more deceptive.

For example, listen to the blatant dishonesty in just thirty seconds.

When you talk about “No fly, No buy” the NRA focuses the idea of due process. They say, ‘well we don’t want to block anyone unfairly’ … you know, unlike in terms of an immigration ban or a Muslim ban, now they say due process. So what they want to do, they say that you have to look a lot further, and they are caught up in this idea of Washington red tape, government really can’t do this, and they’re gonna water it down to the point that it’s gonna be useless.

That was Azi Paybarah, a senior reporter for Politico and frequent CBS analyst and guest. Here are the ways he is ridiculous;

He just said that the NRA focuses on “the idea” of due process (as if it’s a made up distraction), he says that this is contradictory of the NRA’s position on on immigration or a “Muslim ban” (the NRA has no position on either issue), and he says the NRA is going to ruin control legislation by watering it down (with pesky due process) to the point that it is “useless” (the NRA does not pass legislation.)


Although it shouldn’t even be necessary, RedState got this official clarification for Politico and CBS, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to check.

The NRA is a single issue organization dedicated solely to defending the Second Amendment and protecting law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right to self protection. We do not take positions on issues outside of our mission. – Jennifer Baker, director of Public Affairs for NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action

I mean, duh. But of course, viewers of CBS’s Saturday morning news program may not be so familiar with policy or the NRA. Certainly not with the constant smears launched against the group by Democrats and the MSM. So this false assertion of duplicity or hypocrisy goes unchallenged and becomes part of the understanding that people have about the group and, more importantly, the issue of gun control.

The really fun part in this, though, is the question he was responding to: “Donald Trump saying he’s going meet with the NRA about the ‘No fly, No buy’ issue. Do you expect that to move the needle at all?”


It is Donald Trump who has positions on immigration that Azi doesn’t like. It is Donald Trump who proposes a “Muslim ban.” And it is Donald Trump who agrees with Azi on “No fly, No buy.”

As you might expect, none of this was challenged in any way by the CBS anchors but was rather treated as an objective fact.

And you wonder where people get their crazy ideas about the NRA.

By the way? CBS has really busy with their anti-gun agenda. They’re running insane law professors making unchallenged and absurdly false statements, and even breaking the law for the sake of their reports.


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