Hillary: Abortion Protected By Constitution, Bearing Arms, Not So Much [VIDEO]

America Rising PAC has a new web video out that really highlights the left-wing mindset when it comes to your constitutional freedoms. Specifically, you have a constitutional right to abortion (even though it’s not specifically stated) but you do not have one to bear arms (even though it specifically is stated).

“If there is …” she says. Preposterous.

The really funny part is how she blames Justice Scalia for the right to bear arms. And by funny I mean *curse words here*. In the first place, she’s decrying the ruling of the Supreme Court as being not the definitive understanding of the constitutional right to bear arms. But a court’s ruling is the exact and only reason there is a supposed constitutional right to abortion.

She hates SCOTUS interpretation except when she loves it. Especially galling since only the abortion ruling requires “interpretation.” The right to bear arms requires only literacy to determine.

The other reason it’s *curse words go here* that she mentions Justice Scalia is because, as we already know, she’s deeply in step with the growing leftist frenzy to take away your right to bear arms. She refuses to even acknowledge that it is a Constitutionally guaranteed freedom.

Hillary Clinton is an abortion extremist. And she is a gun control extremist. And this new video shows exactly that.

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