BREAKING: Orlando Shooter Made Pledge of Allegiance to Islamic State [VIDEO]

The time for mincing words is over. This, whether “lone wolf” or supported from abroad, is an Islamic terror attack by any measure that makes sense. Rep. Adam Schiff was speaking with Jake Tapper when he stated that Homeland Security informed him of the shooter’s pledge to ISIS/ISIL. (UPDATES BELOW)


Note that Schiff is a ranking member on the Intelligence committee and a Democrat. The media and liberal commentators have a serious lack of understanding, willful or not, about what it means to be inspired by terror. As we have discussed many times here at RedState, the fact that an attack may or may not be “lone wolf” does not indicate it is not part of the larger global terror plans of ISIS or Al Qaeda or other terror groups. Indeed, it is well established that the groups encourage and even rely on such attacks.

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UPDATE: CNN now reports that a source in the investigation says that Omar Mateen was ON A LIST of suspected ISIS sympathizers. He was a known threat.

UPDATE 2: Even more from Sen. Bill Nelson, via Greg Pollowitz at RedState’s sister-site, Twitchy.

UPDATE 3: Allegiance pledge confirmed.


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