Ted Cruz Pinned Down by CNN, Answers Question About Whether He'll Endorse Donald Trump ... Kind Of

CNN caught up with Senator Ted Cruz today and there were no elevator doors handy for an awesome dramatic exit when they asked him again about whether or not he plans to endorse Donald Trump for President. But even without a lift he handled it pretty expertly.


“As I said before, I am looking and listening and watching the candidates. I’m doing the same thing millions of voters are doing and .. time will tell.”

That is an excellent answer. It does not alienate anyone. It keeps him in the game. And it has the benefit of truth. Like every Republican, Cruz too must consider and decide if he’s going to support the nominee, and like any Republican elected official, whether to endorse him. He isn’t saying yes or no. But he definitely did not endorse him in that moment, or even suggest he would vote for him. That’s saying more than nothing right there.

Would it hurt him to come out and support Trump? It would certainly run him out of options. Will refusing to speak up for Trump hurt him with the party? Like he said … time will tell.

For my money, it was the perfect answer.


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