[VIDEO] The Great and Shocking Hannity Revelation Nobody Saw Coming (Except for Everybody Everywhere)


This is amazing. It turns out that Sean Hannity is a big fan of Donald Trump and will be voting for him in November. What??? WHO KNEW??!!

This video from Digitas Daily has the clip … and more.

That is hilariously creepy. And it’s not the first example of that odd blend. The ‘Hannity loves Trump’ memes have been going for months now, and have only improved with age. Here’s a classic:

But don’t forget why this is funny and creepy and sad. Sean has been a shill for Trump throughout this election, sitting on Donald’s lap and barking when instructed, offering up his show every night as an infomercial for the Trump campaign. No matter what crazy thing Trump said.

It’s an embarrassment. People have compared him to the way the media, for example Chris Matthews, cozied up to and fawned over Obama, but frankly Sean Hannity has been much, much wore. More sycophantic, more fawning, more slobbering and in love. If Trump has accomplished anything it’s been showing the right can be as dumb as the left when it comes to personality cults. And Sean is the puppy-love prime example.


Okay, one more:

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