STILL MORE: New NBC/WSJ Poll Has Crazy Unpopular Clinton Still Leading Hugely Disliked Trump

A lot of new data is coming out today, and the fairly reliable NBC News/WSJ National Poll is one of the sources. Unlike the Washington Post poll, this one still has Clinton ahead, albeit only by a few points.


The NBC/WSJ poll – conducted May 15-19 – comes after Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, but also as the ongoing Clinton-vs.-Sanders Democratic race has become more contentious in recent days.

However, the most interesting data point, once again, is the extreme unpopularity of both candidates, who are the two most unpopular likely nominees in the poll’s history.

The eternally unpopular and unlikable Hillary has a positive rating with only 34% of registered voters, whereas 54% have a negative opinion of her. That’s a minus 20 rating if you’re keeping track.

Donald Trump is, expectedly and obviously, far worse. A paltry 29% have a positive opinion of him, and a whopping 58% have a negative opinion. Believe it or not that -29 is an IMPROVEMENT for the incredibly toxic candidate.

NBC’s report shows how unique and significant this is:

“This has never been matched, or even close to being matched,” Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff, says of these negative ratings for Trump and Clinton.

The only other person still in the race for the White House is Senator Bernie Sanders, who is far more popular, with a 43% positive and only a 35% negative. It shows in this hypothetical match-up from the data as well:


But that’s not my favorite part. Here’s the best takeaway from the whole article:

Asked if they would consider a third-party candidate if Clinton and Trump were the major party nominees, 47 percent of registered voters say yes — a higher percentage than those who said yes on a similar question in 2008 and 2012.

Ha ha! Oh, 2016. You’re such a mess!!!

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