OBAMA'S URINATION ADMINISTRATION: New Video SLAMS President For Stupid, Reckless Priorities

There is a lot going on in the world. Just yesterday, a Navy Seal was shot and killed by ISIS terrorists in Iraq. A combat death, you see. Russia is challenging our authority, and will do so even more with their pet candidate taking the nomination. Terror on the rise. Jobs. The economy. The debt. Even American drinking water. All under threat. So what is Obama, and by the way the entire rest of the liberal aristocracy, focusing on? Sending men into women’s bathrooms.

Check it out, from the Family Research Council:

Yes, he’s spending his time, and the DOJ’s time, focusing on making sure that men, dressed as men, claiming to be men, can go expose themselves to little girls because of “tolerance.” That’s 2016 folks. And Hillary is with him on it.

Oh by the way? Small thing. Just a little note. So is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is for it. Just like Hillary. They both side with President Obama and against American families on this. Just FYI.