White House Reporter Makes Super Duper Sure Obama Truly Likes Her Network For Really Real [VIDEO]

That miserable get-together in Washington known as the White Correspondents’ Dinner took place this weekend, more’s the pity, and President Obama (and everyone else) took shots at the press, as is the tradition. One of those shots was fired at CNN when the President said that Jake Tapper left journalism for CNN.


Well one CNN reporter was pretty worried about whether he really didn’t think her network was good enough or smart enough or that people liked them, and she decided to wisely investigate.

If you can’t see the video, here is a “SHORTER” version of the transcript:

“Obama said he doesn’t like me. But he does though right? RIGHT? PLEASE SAY YES I CAN’T STRESS THAT PART ENOUGH.”

As it turns out, he does. President Obama does not think CNN has a journalism problem. *whew*

And for the record? They are the best of the three cable networks by far. I watch CNN when I want real news.


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