VIDEO: Target Welcomes Man To Use Women's Room, Promises To Handle Women's Complaints

This video has been going around Facebook all day today, but was apparently uploaded to YouTube on Friday, and shows a man, Andy Park, visiting a Target store in Florida and asking about their bathroom policy. He did not trim it, so there’s a lot of him just walking around not talking in the clip. Sorry.


So he asks someone identified as “Gerard”, in “Asset Protection” (security), if he can use the women’s restroom. The manager not only says yes, but that if any women have a problem with a man in the bathroom, they can take up with management.

So if the women are uncomfortable, no accommodation is made. But the reason that Park gives the manager for using the bathroom is his own discomfort. That’s what he tells him. Presumably, if the women have a problem with a man in the bathroom, they can just go somewhere else. I don’t want to belabor that. I want you to think about that.

And before you ask what he was wearing, you can see it in the reflection. On Facebook, Park states that he “walked in wearing men’s clothing and with two days of beard stubble.”

A call to the local Target confirms that the employee in the video was in fact the person on duty and that he is working there in the same capacity today. All inquiries are being directed to the media relations number, which is going to voicemail. Target has not confirmed that this manager’s statement reflected that store’s policy, or the company’s policy overall.



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