BREAKING: Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump to Face Off in Prime Time Network TV Special


Page Six has confirmed what was speculated just about two weeks ago, after Megyn Kelly was spotted entering Trump’s New York lair for a meeting: Kelly will interview Donald in a network special.

Megyn Kelly has landed a big interview with Donald Trump after the warring pair agreed to end their feud.

Trump will sit for an in-depth interview on Kelly’s special, which airs on Fox on May 17, a source confirmed to Page Six.

At the time, as we told you previously, Megyn confirmed they had discussed the possibility of an interview. Now we have confirmation and a date. Page Six adsds:

Now Kelly will get to grill Trump one-on-one, and sources say that despite their apparent truce, nothing will be off limits.

Yeah I’m going to add a great big “we’ll see” on that one. Nothing is off limits? In any case it’s a huge deal for Kelly and shows who is really the star at Fox News. And that star is rising. And just think, she did it while refusing to kowtow. (So far.) I can think of some other Fox folks who could learn from that. Cough Hannity cough Geraldo cough Bolling .. you know what? I would choke to death before I could cough through the list. Let’s just leave it there.

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