At Hillary Rally, Planned Parenthood Boss Invokes Fried Chicken to Dewomanize Pro-Life Women

Cecile Richards, overseer of Planned Parenthood, said today on behalf of Hillary Clinton that women who are pro-life aren’t really women. Or at the very least, are absolute idiots who hate womanhood, which in the language of feminazis is pretty much the same thing. Matt Vespa reports:

It wasn’t that specific, as she said, “A woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” So, as a woman, you must vote for a pro-abortion candidate? And if you don’t, you’re stupid, misinformed, or worse, not really supportive of American women.

Here’s the clip:

Right, because Ted Cruz definitely wants to butcher and eat women, like all pro-life conservatives. This is a mindset that is pervasive on the left. The essential reasoning is this: supporting, believing in the rights of, or actually being a woman requires and is demonstrated by, and only by, supporting progressive liberal causes. Therefore, if you are a female who votes against democrats, you are a self-hating, anti-woman aberration. You can’t be pro-woman and pro-republican simultaneously.

But hey, it won’t stop you from using the women’s bathroom so there’s that.

But it’s her specific analogy that’s really galling. The grotesque irony of Richards invoking the chicken parts business is rich as well as distrubing, considering that Planned Parenthood is in the business – not service, mind you, the business – of cutting life into pieces and selling those parts for profit.

In his Townhall article, Vespa makes that same point and includes this tweet from Dana Loesch that’s just about perfect:

They are clueless. You can be pro-woman and be pro-life. What you can’t be is pro-intelligence and pro-Cecile Richards. That would be like a chicken voting for a completely oblivious idiot.