Add Target to the List of Places That Don't Respect the Privacy or Sexual Safety of Your Daughters


Mega-retailer Target Corp. has opened the door today, literally, to the endangerment of children in service of a fake cause. They have a newly restated policy that says you can basically go into whatever bathroom you want, for whatever reason you want, because inclusivity.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Target Corp. made it clear Tuesday that transgender people who visit its stores are welcome to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

The statement by the Minneapolis-based retailer comes amid debates in many state legislatures over restricting public restroom use to the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate.

While many of those conversations have centered around restrooms in public schools and government buildings, Target appears to be one of the first big-box retailers to take a proactive stance in declaring its position on the matter when it comes to its own restrooms.

While they may not be technically public, restrooms in stores are often the most easily accessible and widely available options outside of people’s homes and workplaces.

Target’s position also extends to its fitting rooms.

“Inclusivity is a core belief at Target,” the company said in a statement on its corporate website. “It’s something we celebrate. We stand for equality and equity, and strive to make our guests and team members feel accepted, respected and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day.”

Like other do-good liberal idiots, Target honchos suffer from the delusion that are making some bold step toward tolerance of an oppressed minority by removing rules dividing the bathrooms by gender. But make no mistake, it is a delusion, and a perfectly silly one. It is the same liberal-minded pseudo-hippie social justice warrior philosophy casting aside barriers to entry for bathrooms that simultaneously demand written letters of consent be in the possession of any man seen standing close to a woman. The same movement that rails against “manspreading” is perfectly fine with manpeeing, it seems, in a virtually perfect display of the nutbaggery of their entire pretend, college-hobby-turned-pain-in-the-ass-for-normal-people “movement”. And yes I said normal, please find a safe space and wet yourself. But use whatever safe space corresponds with your self-wetting genderdentity.

This nonsensensical, babble-driven collective of charlatans, posers, and virtue-signalers are not normal. Normal people think practically about things like the safety of children and the proclivities of mankind and the frivolity of language policing and the needs of the many and pretty much everything else. Normal people don’t drum up fake movements by way of shaming and shunning to force the greatest amount of people into the most inconvenience for the sake of a fabled few who simply whined the most. That’s not practical. It’s what scientists used to call damn foolishness.

Let me stop you. Let me stop you right there. If you are about to say to me “why can’t a trans person pee where they feel comfortable” then I ask you this: why can’t a little girl? What if a bearded guy in a trench coat claiming to identify as a woman while standing in the corner of the bathroom smiling makes a little girl uncomfortable? Why does trenchie win? Oh you think that’s absurd? It isn’t. SJWs tell us EVERY SINGLE DAY that college campuses and sporting events and even grade schools are packed to the gills with potential rapists awaiting only the means and opportunity. Well what makes Target so special? Or North Carolina? What, those places are magically rapist-free? What’s your message, oh sage corporate executives? Oh wise and benevolent music dictators? Tell us! Tell us Hollywood, why colleges are dangerous rape-villes but Target is full of persecuted transgender individuals who just need a place to take a leak in peace??

And SJWs offer no distinction. Because it is a heresy among their abnormal kind to transgress or question the feelings of someone who is claiming persecuted minority status. So now anyone can claim it. Why are you in the women’s bathroom, Nazi-tattoo-covered skinhead biker with a five o’clock shadow in men’s clothes? Oh it’s because you identify as a woman and this makes you more comfortable? Okay. Okay then … Adolf is it? Well carry on then. Also don’t forget we’re having a sale on melon-ballers.

Why can’t a person who identifies as their scientific gender drop a few parcels off where they feel comfortable? As in, not amid the opposite gender? And isn’t it also the SJW movement who is quick to offer the defense that “no on is there to watch you pee”? Well then by all means the reverse is true. Nobody is there to watch your penis either, so it should be perfectly comfortable in the penis bathroom.

Target can do whatever they want. They are a business. They can even do what they want with their bathrooms right here in North Carolina, despite demagoguery about our laws. But they aren’t immunized from criticism, though. And certainly you don’t have to shop there. And you shouldn’t. Maybe it will impact their business, maybe it won’t. But your children will be safer. And that’s really the only reason you need. Because Target has chosen to play social justice with the other immature, unreasonable, flower power idiots of our stupid, sick culture instead of looking out for your kids.

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