Democrats Wildly Cheer Every Criticism of Israel, Shout Pro-Palestine Slogans at CNN Debate

At the Democrat Debate on CNN last night, the topic of Israel was discussed at length, and the audience reaction was very telling. Here’s a sample.

“Free Palestine” shouts a man from the audience. It’s the anti-Israel protest slogan of choice, and it was right at home in the Democrat debate audience.

You can see the entire Israel segment here. The crowd went wild with cheering when Israel was criticized, scolded, or corrected. Remarks that were marginally pro-Israel were met with silence or scattered, tepid applause.

Hooray for “Palestine”? Huge positive crowd reaction. Israel is maybe not totally evil? Crickets or nervous clapping, possibly from campaign staff. It was depressing. There were several more shouts of what sounded like slogans, but they were mostly unintelligible or inaudible. Judging by the timing and context, they were also pro-Palestine, anti-Israel slogans.

Hopefully in the Republican v Democrat debates the issue will be pressed again. In November, people need to remember which party is going to stand with our ally and the only pro-America, Western democracy in the region, and which party will continue President Obama’s path of distrust and division.

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